Angel Card of the Morning #28

Prosperity coming

Good Morning!

Guardian Angel Rochelle supports our prayers for financial abundance and heal any misconceptions.  We see money as a symbol of abundance yet we may attach negativity causing blocks that don’t allow us to receive.  Part of creating the flow of abundance is to believe it is for all of us and it is tool of exchange ,let go of the feelings of guilt and negativity that you have associated it with.  Raise your vibration and attitude towards how and what you would like to receive then let it go.   Pulling this card lets us know prosperity is on its way!

Keep positive!



One thought on “Angel Card of the Morning #28”

  1. Love this message & I am working on this. I am raising my vibration through visualizing my end result and I will pray to Guardian Angel Rochelle for guidance in helping me build my Cultural Sharing Tourism bridges made out of stepping stones.

    Thanks Angie and have a wonderful weekend.

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