Angel Card of the Day #56

Self worth acceptance

The final card of the week ~Thursday/Friday really shows the Angels are supporting our emotional side all week long!  Being human, we are hardest on ourselves and along with forgiveness comes self acceptance.  Take time to

Accept yourself just as you are. If you are reading this, chances are you are much too hard on yourself. You are loved unconditionally by Heaven, no matter what mistakes you think you have made in your past. There is nothing you could ever do, say or think that would take away Heaven’s Love for you. Ask to love yourself in the same way, and watch your life transform.


One thought on “Angel Card of the Day #56”

  1. Thanks Angie for such a beautiful message. It is an area I am trying to work on. To learn to love me and learn to believe in me. I’m one of those weird ones that walks the earth. Always felt like I landed on the wrong planet, never fit in, always felt dumb and way too sensitive!!
    I’m getting stronger though and stepping out more as I trust the divine and my spirit guides and myself.
    Thanks for your help.

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