Angel Card of the Day #46

Spiritual Transformation

Good Morning!

Archangel Azrael comes to help release the end of a situation or phase , time move forward! It’s a time where you are finished a chapter and it makes no sense to stay, you have learned this lesson or outgrown the situation and  soooo ready to move forward. This does not means to rush out and change immediately but give yourself time to transition.  Letting go of the past to launch yourself into positive changes and continued spiritual growth.

From personal experience, you know intuitively when it’s time to move on and it might feel uncomfortable but once the first few steps have been made situations will begin to flow. Allow yourself to lovelingly let go of things, ideas or even people that no longer fit and watching your evolution!

Let me know if you are ready to move forward  welcome the new into your next chapter.

In love and light,




2 thoughts on “Angel Card of the Day #46”

  1. Hi Angie,

    This message is so on. This is exactly where I believe I’m at. Where the next step takes me I have no idea, but I need to now take control of my life, I need to discover me.

    So I am letting you know I’met ready to move forward & so excited to let my new life begin.

    With love,

    P.S. Remember our session where my mum mentioned me not sleeping & that I should drink tea or something. You were struggling to clarify her message?! Well, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe coffee was the culprit, so stopped drinking that & instead I’m drinking teas & sleeping!!!. I think that is all the unknowns answered!
    Thank you so much. This has given me so much strength knowing I’m not alone down here.

    1. Frannie, I am so happy for you and excited to see you moving forward on your terms!
      I look forward to hearing more of what you create as you trust and love your path ahead.
      Especially that bridge!

      Angel blessings,


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